At-Home Dog Hotel
for Up to Three Dogs Per Day

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We are a dog hotel that keeps dogs in a space that will make them feel at home, like the home of a friend.

Our hotel accepts up to three dogs per day, which we watch in our home's living room.
We have a large garden and living room, and there is also a river and a park with woods nearby, so your dog can enjoy their stay stress free.
Dogs spend their time with us how they would usually spend their time, because we will not keep them in cages. Bring your dog to us for a stress-free hotel stay.

We accept dogs under the following conditions.

Please note that the following types of dogs are not accepted.

Dogs that are aggressive toward people
Dogs in heat, and it has been less than a month since they went into heat
Dogs that are kept outdoors
Dogs on medical treatment or medication
Unvaccinated dogs (rabies/3+ vaccines)
Older dogs (we will discuss in advance and determine if a dog ten years old or older can be accepted)

Facility Information

The space is 16 tatami mats wide, and there is an eight-meter corridor
where small dogs can run through.
There are two living room sofas, so your dog can pick whichever one they prefer.
We will prepare a dog house that matches the size of your dog.
This will be used as a private room for safety at night or when staff is unavailable.
We have toilet trays as needed, and we have outdoor washroom space for dogs
that usually do their business outdoors.

The walking course goes through Haramine Park and the Tamagawa riverbed nearby.
There’s a lot of nature!
Even larger dogs can get great exercise.


Dog Hotel

Up to 24 hours: ¥6,000, then ¥3,000 added after that for every 12 hours

Day Service (short stay with no overnight stay)

Stays between 9:00am to 7:00pm: ¥4,000-

Fees During Busy Periods

Additional ¥1,000 per day is added to each price above during the Golden Week, the second to the third week of August, New Year Holidays (December 20th to January 4th)

*Discount is available for many dogs or long stays (please consult with us)

Air Conditioner Fee

Additional ¥1,000 per stay is added during July, August, and December through February

Pick-up and drop-off fees

Pick-up and drop-off fees within Tama City: ¥500 (one way)
All fees outside the city are one way.
Up to 20 km: ¥1,000-
Up to 30 km: ¥1,500-
Up to 40 km: ¥2,000-
*Any paid parking or highway fees will be charged separately.

Prior Steps Until the Stay

  • 01


    Please reserve the date and time you prefer by phone or sending an email form (your reservation is not finalized after sending the email form only).

  • 02


    Before the day of the stay, we will visit you for a meeting.
    An hour or less:¥2000 (Any paid parking or highway fees will be charged separately.)
    We meet your dog, checking how it usually spends time at home.
    We also check for allergies, medical history, meal volume, and meal schedule.
    *At the meeting, we will check rabies and 3+ vaccine certificates.

  • 03


    On the day of the stay, please directly visit the hotel, and the stay will start.

    What to bring on the day of the stay
    Food for the duration of the stay (please divide into the portions for each meal to avoid mistakes)
    The dog’s clinic ID card
    A mat, towel, or other scented items from home
    Leash and collar
    Manner belt (many small to medium-sized dogs that stay at our hotel for the first time get nervous and start marking. Please bring manner belts/diapers for both male and female dogs)
    Our hotel sells them for 300 yen per piece.

  • 04


    Please pay the scheduled amount when you bring your dog to the hotel.
    If there is an extra charge, please pay at the time of pick-up.

    You can use cash, au Pay, Merpay, or d Pay for payment.


Head Representativee
Izumi Nakayama, JKC Pet Dog Manager
Registration of handling business
Tokyo Metropolitan Animal Handling Business
(Training) 20 Tokyo Training No. 102129
(Storage) 20 Tokyo Storage No. 102129
1-3-5 Sakuragaoka, Tama City, Tokyo, 206-0013


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